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Your Curved and Spiral Stairs Specialists in Oshawa


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Looking for stairs specialists? Get in touch with Bloor Railings for curved and spiral stairs in Oshawa and surrounding areas. We also provide straight stairs to both our residential and commercial clients. From design to installation of the stairway, our team will help you throughout to make sure that you get a perfect one. We offer you stairway solutions that bring you to the next level!


If you have a design of your own in mind, you can share it with us and we will provide you with customized stairs. Now, that is something you can be proud of the next time your guests appreciate your taste and design skills.

Spiral Stairs

An excellent choice for low-usage areas such as libraries and guest rooms. At Bloor Railings, we custom design and build each spiral for a perfect fit. We provide spirals of two dimensions: standard spiral dimension and small space spiral dimension.

Straight Stairs

Straight staircases come in all styles and materials. Whether you love traditional, modern, classic or contemporary staircases, we can help you build them all. Determining the space of your property, the straight stairs that we design and install are L and U shaped, scissors, single and double stringers.

Curved Stairs

Our team delivers beautiful and complex curved stairs. Each of our curved stairs project has a unique style and vision engraved in its complex structure. We can help you build both round and turn-key curved stairways.

Staircase and Railing Systems That Fit Perfectly

We provide stairs and railings for your house and office.

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