Bloor Railings in Oshawa are experts in stairs and railings for residential and commercial projects.
Spiral • Straight • Curved


Looking to replace your old stairs or staircases for brand-new, custom-made stairs? Whether it be residential or commercial, our stair experts work with you to build a custom set of stairs to fit any space.

If you have a design in mind, our team will help bring your vision to life.

Materials available include red or white oak, maple, poplar, carpet grade or construction grade stairs. 

Spiral Stairs

An excellent choice for smaller spaces. At Bloor Railings, we custom design and build each spiral for a perfect fit. We provide spirals of two dimensions: standard spiral dimension and small space spiral dimension.

Straight Stairs

Straight staircases in red or white oak, maple, carpet grade or construction grade. Whether you love traditional, modern, classic, or contemporary staircases, we can help you build them all. After evaluating the space, we then design and install custom L or U shaped, single, and double stringers, waterfall, open rise, or closed rise stairs.

Curved Stairs

Our team specializes in complex curved stairs. We can help you build both round and turn-key curved staircases. If you’re looking to change your old worn-down stairs or carpeted stairs to fresh wood stairs, look to us. Refacing stairs involves removing the carpet, or cutting down the existing old treads and then covering them with new treads, risers and stringers. This is a tricky, time intensive task that is best left up to the experts! We ensure that the entire process is seamless, quick and clean.